The Benefits of a Barn Cat


When you think of a farm, you probably imagine scenes involving rolling pastures of green grass, cows mooing, chickens clucking and a happy farmer tending to his crops. What you probably didn’t notice when you were imagining your happy farmer was one of the most important aspects of the farm, sitting and purring at his feet…the barn cat!

Barn cats have been a popular staple of farm life and have helped farms succeed throughout history. Barn cats not only provide companionship for the farmer, his family and sometimes other farm animals, but they also earn their keep controlling the rodent population. Field mice find livestock feed and crops on farms an easy meal. Having a barn cat helps scare the mice away! Even if the barn cat is not a skilled hunter, his mere presence is enough to scare most rodents into finding another food source.


At Parky’s Farm in Winton Woods, we have our very own barn cat named Finnigan (Finn for short). Our guests have come to know Finn and look forward to seeing him on their farm visits.  Finn spends his mornings rounding the farm, checking on the livestock and patrolling his home turf. In the afternoon, he likes to relax and cat nap on a bale of straw. He’s always eager to accept a pat of thanks from the public for a job well done.

With Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Nights and Holiday Affaire programs coming up, the fall and winter months are a great time to stop by the farm.  And, while you’re here, keep an eye out for our fiesty feline friend, Finnigan, the barn cat!

Carolyn Denton, Inreach Teacher, Parky’s Farm