Great Parks Veterans Never Stop Serving

From the Field

The Operations Department typically celebrates Independence Day by pressure washing wet playgrounds, repairing leaky faucets and stocking up on trash bags. As we ready the parks this week for the July 4 holiday, we remember our veterans’ service and the enormous contribution they have given to our nation.

Lucky for Great Parks of Hamilton County, a large number of veterans continue to provide their services in our parks. Nearly 20 members of the Great Parks Operation’s team alone are military veterans! Their service spans from the Korean War to recent tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Having military personnel on our staff brings motivation, dedication, leadership and the ability to provide top-notch service. They help fix, clean, mow and all the other activities that allow others to enjoy the Great Parks. Let’s honor them by remembering their sacrifices for their county and by thanking them for their continued contributions.

So as you get ready for the Fourth of July, remember to thank a veteran for the freedoms we enjoy. The Operations Department says thanks and Happy Birthday America.


Jason Rahe, Assistant Park Manager, Woodland Mound