Springtime in the Parks


Spring is a time for rejuvenation in our parks. The trees begin to bloom, the flowers brighten the forest and all the animals (including us humans) become more active.

As each day passes, more and more visitors stream through the Miami Whitewater Visitor Center. While some are just looking for the restroom, the vast majority of people are looking for interaction. From the easiest questions, like “What’s that plant blooming out front?” to the more challenging ones, like “I heard this bird a few days ago…”, naturalists are the keepers of knowledge.

While I may not always feel like I have a lot of time to spend with each visitor, I know that the time I do spend with them is meaningful. Not just to the visitor, but to me as well. As we enter this busy season, I try to remember that it’s also a time for my rejuvenation; a new season with endless opportunities to share my knowledge with the people who make it all possible: our visitors.

Heather Ficke, Naturalist, Miami Whitewater Forest