On the Front Line of Stewardship


This past fall and winter season of 2012 marked a record year for honeysuckle removal. A mild winter of 2011 meant an odd season for the 2012 honeysuckle crew. Everything from birds to plants seemed to be migrating and blooming a little earlier than usual. This meant a jump start for the honeysuckle crews. From October to December, two crews operated out of Glenwood Gardens and Miami Whitewater Forest. Between our crews and contracted workers, 765 acres of honeysuckle were removed from our parks. This was the best year in park history!


The Glenwood Gardens crew discovered one monster of a honeysuckle that was located at Little Miami Golf Center. Pictured above is the base of that honeysuckle after it was cut down.

Nick Mercer, Stewardship Technician