I Arrive Early in the Morning…

Early in the morning,
day still dark as night,
before I hit the time clock,
with its sharp and inky bite,


I pause

to heed the spirited sparrow song,
“Sweeet- sweeet-sweeet, sweeeeeeet …
chirpy, chirpy, chirpy, chirp”,
high in the hawthorn tree.


My spirit lifts

as quiet and far away,
from the meadow,  I hear,
a woodcock sounding its mating cheer.


I breathe deeply

While in the peaceful pre- dawn hour,
an owl hoots softly.
I close my eyes and listen,
enamored by the sounds…
when thoughts of TIME CLOCK ticking,
abruptly interrupt my state,
and early morning serenity,
is replaced by fear of being late!


Randi Greathouse, Parky’s Farm Manager