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If you spend any time outdoors, you have likely noticed some odd residents growing on rocks, sidewalks and tree trunks. With shades of gray, green and blue, growing interspersed with mosses, these organisms are often mistaken for plants. Closer inspection reveals that these residents – lichens – are something unique among living things. So, what […]

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One of the greatest things I enjoy about spring is its wildflowers. I was first immersed into the wonderful world of beauty many years ago when I first work as a naturalist at a small nature preserve. From then on, I was hurled into the fascinating world of wildflowers. Many wildflowers have curious names and […]

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5 Signs of Spring

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We often think of winter as dead, with lifeless tones of gray and brown laid before an overcast, cold sky. But what if we thought of it as the calm before the celebration? Nature in winter is in suspended animation, holding its breath until the days are long enough and the temperatures high enough that […]

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