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Shawnee Lookout Golf Course

40 Years of Golf

All, On the Green

40 years may seem like an eternity to some or the blink of an eye for others. No matter if you feel it hasn’t been that long or you haven’t been around for that many decades just yet, this year marks a landmark in Great Parks’ history at Shawnee Lookout. April 1, 2019 marks the […]

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Your health, mood and overall well-being will improve if you get outside and do just that: take a hike. Although walking anywhere is good for you, there is evidence that walking in nature takes it a step further (pardon the pun). Coined a “Wilderness Prophet” and “The Father of Our National Parks,” renowned naturalist John […]

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Look at a map of Winton Lake (Figure 1), Miami Whitewater Forest Lake (Figure 2) or Sharon Lake (Figure 3), and you will notice the irregular, elongated shape of these bodies of water. They appear stretched out and contorted with pointy branches that extend in different directions. In fact, these distinctive features are an indication […]

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