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Recently I was asked to present a program about park history. History… I love it and I love to dig through the vintage park photos. So for me this wasn’t work at all but fun. For this presentation, I wanted to get some really good vintage photos, some that might not have seen the light […]

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One of the most common questions I receive from park visitors is “Where is the wildlife?” Here are few specific strategies to help you see more wildlife: 1. Slow down Being in a rush can sometimes scare wildlife. Whether they can sense your feelings of rush is up for debate, but what is hard to […]

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This past Labor Day weekend the fish were really biting at Lake Isabella. The weekend kicked off on Friday when we stocked 800 lbs of adult channel catfish. Then with all the rain we got on Friday and Saturday, the water temperature started to fluctuate, which stirred up the fish and made them active on […]

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