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Monarchs Reign Again


For the last 33 years, Great Parks has conducted a butterfly count in the western Hamilton County parks headed by former Great Parks Ranger and current VIP Bob Nuhn, in collaboration with the North American Butterfly Association. One Saturday every July, employees, volunteers and the public head out with sunscreen and binoculars to count the number […]

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Around the same time every year — late summer through early fall — our fields, meadows, prairies and wetlands take on a golden-yellow hue. This color change is primarily caused by a priceless pollinator plant, goldenrod. Goldenrods are members of one of the largest plant families in the world, Asteraceae. There are about 60 different […]

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Earlier in the summer, we at Great Parks said goodbye to our old friend and co-worker, Missy. Missy was responsible for training nature interpreters to work with birds of prey and teaching children the importance of a healthy ecosystem. She interacted with well over 50,000 people in her 32-year tenure with Great Parks. Missy wasn’t […]

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