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2016 is winding down and it was another exciting and very productive year at the Shaker Trace Nursery. The harvest has been exceptional in both quantity and duration due, in part, to the amount of rain we received. Seed processing is still going on and we won’t know the total yield until later, but it’s safe […]

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Jersey Devil and Sandhill Crane (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia & US Fish and Wildlife Service on Flickr)

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Autumn is the perfect time of year to gather around the fire for storytelling. What many people may not realize is that many of the ghost stories and legends told this time of year are actually a great way to learn about history, culture and even nature. Many campfire stories involve creatures that may or […]

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Have you ever heard of lawn bowling? I hadn’t either until I started working at Little Miami Golf Center. Lawn bowling has roots as far back as 3,000 to 4,000 years ago. The Romans introduced the game to Europe, and in 1209 the Southampton Old Bowling Green Club was established in England. In 1864 a […]

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