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The Great Parks Bass Series Tournament at Winton Woods Lake is on as scheduled for May 19. The lake is currently at normal pool and looks great. However, Winton Woods Lake is a flood control lake for the Mill Creek. If we get heavy thunderstorms and the lake floods, then the tournament will be moved […]

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By Liz West via Flickr

How to Go Paperless


In spite of technological innovation, today’s offices are more similar than they are different to the offices of 50 years ago. Sure, we have smaller, sleeker monitors and devices, capable of exponentially more processing power than even ten years ago. But there’s one thing that has remained constant in the office setting, and that is […]

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Kroger Hills controlled burn

Over the last several years we have seen the news report on the mega-wildfires in the western United States. Every year these fires seem to get bigger and more destructive. The loss to life, property and habitat of these mega-fires will have consequences that we will not fully understand for years to come. These fires […]

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