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Canada Geese Snow Prints Winton Lake

During the fall and winter seasons, we often witness waterfowl in southern Ohio without taking into consideration the migration that is going on around us. Many birds use this area as a temporary home during their migration. Throughout this migration period, Southern Ohio becomes home to numerous species, which come from northern states and Canadian […]

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Fall in Sharon Woods

Go Take a Hike!

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As the self-proclaimed authority on everything, the Internet has a day for just about any occasion. It’s only logical that November 17 was deemed National Take a Hike Day. Of course, with 78 miles of┬ánature, paved, fitness, horse and mountain bike trails at Great Parks, this is the perfect day to get outside and explore […]

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American mink on tree branches

I have been thinking about this story and its lesson since it was relayed to me a few months ago. In the 10 years that I was based at Winton Woods as a Nature Interpreter, I had heard about mink living down near the Kingfisher and Great Oaks Trails, but had never witnessed their presence […]

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