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With three-pronged thorns that can be up to 6 inches long, the honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos) is one of the more ominous-looking trees of our area. However, if you look closely, these thorns are a curiosity. For starters, the thorns are only found on the trunk. Upon further inspection, they start growing about 5 feet […]

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No matter your activity level, there are always trails to suit your needs, whether it’s a leisurely walk on a paved trail or completing the 1,400+ mile Buckeye Trail. Maybe you hop on a road bike to commute to work or grab a full suspension mountain bike for some rocky climbs and descents through the […]

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Whistling Leaves


When I was taught about how plants create their own energy as a child, I thought it was cool they didn’t have to hunt or grow their own food — but mostly it was a bit boring. The plants don’t move (or so I thought), and the diagrams of the plant with the sun in […]

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