August 3 Bass Series Winning Teams

Miami Whitewater Forest Lake was the site of the 2019 Great Parks Bass Series #5. Twenty-two teams fished from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Aug. 3, and despite a hot sunny day in the 90s, wow, did the fish ever cooperate! Brian Short and Mike Hoefker of Oxford, Ohio won the tournament with a […]

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July 14 Bass Series Terry Blankenship and Neal Ramsey

The Ohio Valley has been soaked with more than 40 inches of rain this year and Winton Lake was flooded for most of spring. However, July brought dry weather, meaning the lake is finally stable. Twenty-four teams of bass fisherman wreaked the benefits of that on July 14 at the Great Parks Bass Series tournament […]

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Downy Wood Mint

Bees, Please

All, From the Field

A plant’s need for pollinators is as essential as our need for air and sunshine. Without them, this world would look much different. Pollinators play a crucial role in the sustainability of our ecosystem as well as being significant to our survival. The real work horses of the pollinator world are bees! Bees are without […]

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Mockingbird in fall

A Surprise Email

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I have the rare privilege and opportunity to share significant experiences and information in the natural world through blogs. And in doing so, I never know the true impact. A few days ago, I received this special surprise email. Susan, I was riding my bicycle through the park behind my house this beautiful spring day […]

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