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Healing Waters


  It’s a treasure, indeed, to find a facility that accommodates the needs of the guests, and that’s just what Parky’s Farm offers to the veterans and wounded warriors of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing-Cincinnati. The pond behind the horse barns, complete with a handicapped-accessible dock and nearby restrooms, is the perfect place for the […]

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Pig Tales

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Our language reflects a time when we lived close to the land. Agricultural terms are pervasive in our language. Since I live in Cincinnati, lovingly known at one time as “Porkopolis,” it seems appropriate to consider words and idioms (a word with a figurative meaning) that come from the pig! February is filled with holidays. […]

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Some of my favorite memories of outdoor adventures are remembered through songs learned at different events. Every time I think of “Tough as a pine knot, tall as a Hemlock, we’re the gang from… Miami!” I think back to my summer camp experience in 1973. Have you ever heard the song that goes, “I love […]

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