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It’s 1803 at Parky’s Farm. Winter is the time for this second grade program, as much of it is presented inside of the magnificent Hayloft Barn from January through mid-March. The field trip begins with the children going back in time by the use of a timeline. We start with today’s date and go backward, […]

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Yoshi the Llama

December is the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are almost here, putting people in high spirits … especially for National Llama Day! Never heard of this holiday? No prob-llama! The Great Parks marketing team ventured over to Parky’s Farm to learn more about these fuzzy camelids. Meet Yoshi Yoshi is the sole […]

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Let’s Go to the Park!


“Let’s go to the park!” That’s what we hear children say that visit Parky’s Farm: “Can we go to the park?” Silly kids; our time will be spent looking at more educational aspects of this park. We will compare hay and straw hay (hay is a grass, mowed, dried and fed to livestock; whereas straw is […]

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One of the things that makes Great Parks such an amazing organization to work for is the dedication to its mission statement: To preserve and protect natural resources and to provide outdoor reaction and education in order to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations. Every day I go to work, I […]

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Healing Waters


  It’s a treasure, indeed, to find a facility that accommodates the needs of the guests, and that’s just what Parky’s Farm offers to the veterans and wounded warriors of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing-Cincinnati. The pond behind the horse barns, complete with a handicapped-accessible dock and nearby restrooms, is the perfect place for the […]

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Pig Tales

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Our language reflects a time when we lived close to the land. Agricultural terms are pervasive in our language. Since I live in Cincinnati, lovingly known at one time as “Porkopolis,” it seems appropriate to consider words and idioms (a word with a figurative meaning) that come from the pig! February is filled with holidays. […]

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