A landscape view of Shawnee Lookout Golf Course

June 16, 2019, marks 40 years since Shawnee Lookout Golf Course opened. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was among seven individuals to hit the first golf balls to open the course – 10 years after he was the first man to walk on the moon. Opening day had some challenges, like when the pump house shut down, […]

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Shawnee Lookout Golf Course

40 Years of Golf

All, On the Green

40 years may seem like an eternity to some or the blink of an eye for others. No matter if you feel it hasn’t been that long or you haven’t been around for that many decades just yet, this year marks a landmark in Great Parks’ history at Shawnee Lookout. April 1, 2019 marks the […]

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On September 21, 2015, I had the pleasure to meet and work with Bobby Van Landingham through our SoloRider program at Meadow Links & Golf Academy.  There was an instant connection, and I knew right away he was determined to get back on the course and play again. An Air Force Veteran (1962-1966), Bobby found […]

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