Woolly & Warm


The recent cold snap has made me very grateful for all the warm clothes hanging in my closet – and for all sheep worldwide. Humans began to use sheep wool for clothing more than 10,000 years ago. If you would like some nice warm wool clothes for next winter (sorry, it’s too late to get […]

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Happy Holly Days

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‘Tis the season to be holly! While most of the plant world has dropped their leaves for the winter, some native plants keep pumping out oxygen all winter long like this holly, Ilex spp. The holly is specially adapted to hold its leaves through the winter with a thick cuticle that holds water in and […]

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“There are two northern cardinals and three dark-eyed juncos on the trail!” Julie yelled back at me. I faithfully recorded the sightings into my log while the 14 kids between us all jostled to get a focus on the birds. My left hand was snug in its glove, but my right hand had to suffer […]

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