Mockingbird in fall

A Surprise Email

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I have the rare privilege and opportunity to share significant experiences and information in the natural world through blogs. And in doing so, I never know the true impact. A few days ago, I received this special surprise email. Susan, I was riding my bicycle through the park behind my house this beautiful spring day […]

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June 22 winning teams

Heavy rainfall last week flooded much of the Ohio Valley lakes and rivers. Miami Whitewater Forest Lake typically does not get muddy, but it reached a tipping point on Thursday. The lake was 15 inches over normal pool and very stained. Most anglers agreed that it was fishable, but it proved to be a tough […]

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Frog in Highfield Discovery Garden

Frog crafts, calls, games, hikes, observations, catching and displays – all things frog took over Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve during the month of May. Staff and volunteers take this time to celebrate the changing of the seasons, as amphibians of all kinds make themselves known. This past month, more than 600 children visited this small patch […]

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A landscape view of Shawnee Lookout Golf Course

June 16, 2019, marks 40 years since Shawnee Lookout Golf Course opened. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was among seven individuals to hit the first golf balls to open the course – 10 years after he was the first man to walk on the moon. Opening day had some challenges, like when the pump house shut down, […]

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