Park District Fishing Tournament Rules

All, Fishin' Line
  • All Hamilton County Park District fishing and boating regulations, and Ohio fishing and boating regulations apply.
  • Teams consist of two people.  One person may fish alone.  You must participate in the tournament to earn qualifying points in the Bass Series.  Substitutes are not permitted in the Sharon Woods Bass League.
  • Participants are not permitted on the lake prior to the start of the tournament, on the day of the event.  All fish must be caught during the tournament hours.
  • All angling must be done from a Park District rental boat, except at Lake Isabella where bank fishing is permitted.  Off limit areas will be defined at the pre-tournament meeting.
  • All fish must be caught in a live and conventional manner.  Live, prepared and artificial baits are permitted in most events.  The exception is that only artificial lures are permitted in Bass tournaments.  Anglers are permitted to have up to two lines in the water, except in Bass tournaments where only one rod can be used at a time.  Alabama rigs are permitted, with a maximum of three arms with hooks, in accordance with Ohio State law.
  • Limits vary per type of tournament and will be defined at pre-tournament meetings.   If there is a limit specified, then at no time can anglers possess more than that limit. Dead fish cannot be culled.
  • Stringers are prohibited in all tournaments.  Coolers fro live wells are encouraged in Bass tournaments.
  • At no time may a fisherman leave his boat to land a fish.  In addition, assistance from someone outside of our boat is not permitted.
  • Bass must measure 12”, with their mouth closed on a Golden Rule.  There will be a one pound penalty for weighing in a short Bass.  Dead Bass will not be weighed.
  • Teams must be out of their boat and on the dock by the designated finish time in order to weigh your fish.  Teams that are late are not eligible for prizes and qualifying points.
  • A light must be visible 360 degrees from your boat, at all times, during night tournaments.
  • Competitors in Hamilton County Park District tournaments are expected to follow the highest standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation.  Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times with regards to boating and angling in the vicinity of other fishermen.  Any acts of a competitor that reflects unfavorably upon the effort to promote fisheries conservation, clean waters and courtesy shall be reason for immediate disqualification and possible ineligibility to participate in future tournaments.  Any angler caught cheating in a Hamilton County Park District tournament will be banded from future events.
  • Interpretation of rules shall be left to the Tournament Director at each event.  The decisions of the Tournament Director are final.